It’s been a while.

Wow sorry I haven’t been on here in a while. I just keep forgetting to post here, because i usually post to my facebook or now i post to you tube and i forget to update my blog. I have had quite a productive year. I’ve been stitching like crazy even thru the summer. So if you remeber my list of what I wanted to do this year:

1. The LSU Tigers Pattern

2. The Chicago bulls Pattern for my friends other son.

2. Finish my Martino’s WIP

3. Finish my Praying without Ceasing WIP

1. The LSU has gotten to be a confetti nightmare so much so that it gives me heaaches. I just have to finish the tiger but its been a struggle. But i keep saying I have to finish it. Here is what it looks like


2. I haven’t started the Chicago bulls pattern yet. I hope to start it soon.

3. I have done a liitle bit more on this Martino project. This is how much I have left to do. Almost there!



4. I have added the Pray without ceasing into a rotation with all my other projects. I am loving this that sometimes i work strictly on it. Here is what I have so far.



I have three finishes for this year.


A gift for a co-worker. This is a Janlynn pattern and it totally describes my co-worker.
shoe shopper

I finally framed another piece for a co-worker. Its the arabic alphabet. I had framed it and was disappointed that the crease in the aida were hard to remove. But it looks pretty good. It was my OCD that was driving me crazy.

Xstitch Arabic Alphabet



I also did another project for another co-worker who had baby. I love how this turned out. Even thou I had such a hard time framing it. I cracked the frame a bit when i was stapling the back. I almost cried again my OCD that  something was wrong. Here it is:



I also started a new project this year. I have always wanted to do a Joan Elliott pattern. So i chose to do the fire goddess. I had bought a piece of fabric that was hand dyed but the fabric was going to be too yellow so i had to find another piece. I placed and order with 123 stitch for another hand dyed fabric and when i got it, it was perfect. so the fabric is aida called atone and it 16 count. Here is my progress so far:



This year I aso decided to join a stitch a long. There was a Joan Elliott stich a long posted and I decided to join. The pattern consists of nine blocks and each block will have a different face. I have done the first block. The second block came out and was a face of a cat. I decided to wait until all the faces are released to see what they before i stitch the second block. I would like to keep this piece with all fairy faces. Here is my first square:


Joan Ellliott came to Ontario in September and she made a special pattern for Canadians and just because i don’t have enough to keep me busy I decided to start it. I am oving it so much that I have been stitching it everyday. Here is my progress so far.

canadian beauty5

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New Year, New Start

Happy New Year Everyone!

Sorry i’m a little late in posting. But as the new year starts we all have new projects that were working on. For my first project for 2014 I am working on a pattern of the LSU Tigers football team. This is for my friends son who is a fan. My husband is going to be his sponsor in May and this will be part of his gift. I can’t believe how much I have done already. Here is a picture of the pattern and my start so far.Image   Image

I have done a lot more in the last week. It’s coming along really quick.

My goal for this year is to finish at least four projects. Which would be:

1. The LSU Tigers Pattern

2. The Chicago bulls Pattern for my friends other son.

2. Finish my Martino’s WIP

3. Finish my Praying without Ceasing WIP

If I can get all this done this year I would be happy.

So what are your starts for 2014!! I would love to hear what you are all working on.


Final 2013 Project.

Hi Everyone

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. But I really wanted to concentrate on getting my last project done for 2013 so I can feel like i accomplished something. My last project is the Sue Coleman Butterfly Reflection all I have left to do is the back stitching. I’m hoping to get it done by December 25th.


Here it is with my gridlines. All the stitching is done.


Here it is without the gridlines. Just need the back stitching.

I started the back stitching last night. So i hope to get it all done this week. then I can take it in for framing.

I am off work for a week and half for the Christmas Holidays. My goal is to have a stitching marathon. I need to get some cards and ornaments done. I am hoping to get a table at a craft show in October of next year but I need to get some stitched pieces. Which will be hard because i have another piece that I have to get done by May. I need ten hands to get all this stitching done.

Minnie Mouse

So I wanted to share with you the Minnie mouse I did for my friend’s daughter. I just gave it to her over the weekend. I don’t like to post pictures until the have their gift. I can’t tell how happy I am with this piece. It stitched up really quick. I wish all my projects were this quick. I am back to working on my butterfly I will post another post with that progress.

So here it is


September Update

Wow time is flying by. I’ve been so busy stitching. I decided to stitch a couple pieces for my friends daughters. The first one is a Dimensions Kit called the Princess sleeps here. I took a white frame and used duct tape on the outside. I love that duct tape comes in all different patterns now. Here it is.


I am also stitching a Minnie Mouse by Vervaco for her other daughter who turns two next week. So as soon as that it given I will post pictures. I usually like to give the gift before I post pictures. I am also going to start another project for one of her other kids, she has four kids so I figure they will keep me busy. I haven’t done any stitching on my butterfly or model piece 😦  See you soon and Happy Stitching.